“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,
then they seem improbable, and then,
when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

Christopher Reeve

Since I was a boy, I loved to take pictures with my camera. First with an Instamatic, later with 120 film type cameras, or with my first 35mm reflex camera, an EXA 1a. With the years and the decision to become a graphic designer, my equipment was more and more professional, and, of course, digital. I sold my Hasselblad some years ago because I had neither the time to develop the films nor a darkroom in my new house. But the digital world doesn`t satisfy me, as I am an analogue native. So when I visited the festival “A summer’s Tale” in august 2015, I took the opportunity to register for the Polaroid workshop “An Instant Walk”. Thorsten Finner, media designer, musician and artist from Rotenburg, re-introduced me to the nearly forgotten medium, and as I revealed some basic knowledges, he gave me his SX-70 to take my first Polaroids during the festival.


self-portrait with Polaroid of my eye, shot with a Polaroid Spectra

This was the initial spark for me, and since then I love to take pictures with my SX-70 Time Zero Autofocus, which I found at shpock. I remembered my old Polaroid Automatic 104, which had to be somewhere in the attic, and because it didn`t work so well anymore, I found me an Automatic 250 on ebay for only a small amount of money. I try to have one of my cameras with me as often as I can, and if not, I carry my iPhone and could print photos with the Impossible Instant Lab. But with that, the Polaroid world just begins. I like to manipulate the Polaroids, take the emuslsion off or transfer the picture to other materials. In all this, I am still a beginner.

But nevertheless, I am enthusiastic! This website is another result of my fondness. Although I won’t describe myself as an artist, I love the idea to do some artistic, non-commercial, non-customer-related work beneath my professional job as a graphic designer.

Nothing is impossible.